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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cyber Ethics & Cyber Bullying - New Social Paradigm In Indonesia [English Edition Only]

Teenagers in the cyberworld, the subject is worth to be known by teenagers, parents, and educators, is the theme selected by the writers as the response to the involvement of teenagers in the cyberworld. This book portrays the particular behavior of teenagers while interacting as cyber-society in contrast to the lives of traditional society. The discussions are very interesting because what has been done in the ‘traditional society’ is transformed into the cyberworld where computer ability acts as the main vehicle to surf it.
Problems endured by teenagers as ‘personal beings’, who are very active in cyberworld, tend to disadvantage themselves. This is proven from the existing cases presented in this book. It has been the responsibility of parents and educators as the representation of society to give full attention in creating a better cyberworld for the teenagers. Further, society, in this context represented by parents and educators, should have correct understanding of cyberworld and its impacts towards the lives of teenagers in particular. 
The discussions in this book are some samples of many Internet contents which related mostly to “The life of teenagers in the cyberspace”. The topics described inside it based on the recent cases happened and are explained briefly and concisely. Therefore, they are up-to-date as well as educative. Moreover, it is hoped that its presence gives practical values for teenagers, educators, and parents. 

This book is suitable for teachers, lecturers, and societies as a whole because it illustrates the real problems and their solutions happened in foreign countries and Indonesia as well. 

Note: Sneak Peak - This book will be published soon  [for pre-order please contact the author via e-mail author@ferisulianta.com]

Friday, July 24, 2015

AWAKE THE GIANT Beware of the World Massive Social Revolution

Beware of the World Massive Social Revolution  
[ English Version]

 An extraordinary phenomenon start to spread, and change  perception of global society, allegedly with feminism continues anchored at full speed to hit the iceberg .

This book describes the rise of the giant that will change  human society totally.

History can not be repeated, social disaster is at front, it is time to tighten your belts and prepare for the collapse of civilization 

Note: Sneak Peak - This book will be published soon  [for pre-order please contact the author via e-mail author@ferisulianta.com]

Thursday, January 15, 2015

About Me

He began his career in 2001 as a Chief Information Officer and currently teaches as a lecturer at several universities. Various activities he has been done, such as: providing training and seminars, life coaching, motivator and involves in several professional communities.

Until now Feri Sulianta has published more than 65 titles of books with the different kind of categories, which is: Computer & Information Technology, Business Management, Career Management, Crafting, Motivation,  Biology, True Story and Scientific Books.

For more information: www.ferisulianta.com